Stylish Gold Bracelets for Men

If you’re a man, or you’re shopping for a man, who prefers gold over silver, then there are wonderful gold bracelets for men available in the market today. It is a subtle art form selecting a bracelet that looks luxurious without the knock-off appearance of so many gaudy jewelry types.


Types of gold bracelets for men

There are numerous types of gold bracelets in terms of price, style, design, quality and source. It is a matter of choice and personal preference as to which one you choose for your purchase as mens jewelry. Below is a list of the types of gold bracelets you will likely come across in your shopping experience.

  • Gold ID bracelets for men. These are a staple in the bracelet market. Just as a wedding ring can be personalized with some inscription, so can bracelets. The ID bracelet can contain the man’s name, information or a general message to him from the gift giver.
  • 18k gold bracelets for men. This is one of the most highly-sought after gold qualities for a bracelet. The karat weight is indicative of high quality at 18k and is still affordable by most medium-income standards.
  • Solid gold bracelets for men. Looking for the real deal? Make sure you ask the vendor of the gold bracelet if it is solid gold. This is important to the most discerning of gold wearers. What’s more is that some people have skin reactions to inferior quality gold due to the impregnation of other materials in non-solid gold settings.

  • Yellow gold. Your standard look of gold, the classic yellow.
  • White gold. Nickel or platinum can often be found in this gold alloy. What makes it called “white gold” is the fact that it looks more silvery than gold as like white gold chains.
  • Bangle bracelet. The bangle bracelet can come in a cuff or a thin design. They are a bit loose-fitting on the arm or wrist and are often worn in pairs or more.
  • Two tone link bracelet. These gold bracelets for men come in the white and yellow gold appearance in one setting. They are also linked, as a chain, to give off a masculine and open appearance.
  • Swirl bangle bracelet. The hoops, or links, of this “swirling” bracelet offer a creative artistic display. They fit loosely like any bangle bracelet and boldly showcase their quality and unique look.

Tips for choosing great gold bracelets

You want to avoid the cheap look that many gold bracelets for men can portray. It’s a matter of finding the right vendor and quality of gold. Here are some tips to make sure the gold bracelets for men that you find are of high quality design.

Tip #1: If the man has smaller wrists, avoid chunkier cuff-type bracelets. Choose thinner chains or swirls to give the arm or wrist the appearance of being larger.

Tip #2: Make sure you find a reputable gold dealer and shop the price around town. If there is one thing to keep in mind with jewelry, there is always negotiating room in the price.

Tip #3: Purchase a gold bracelet that allows for custom fitting. If you haven’t already measured the wrist of the man, then purchase a longer chain with the option to shorten it if needed. A good fit is 2-3 centimeters longer in chain than the actual wrist measurement.